Your Freelance Writing Clients? They?re Watching You? O.O

Posted on June 22nd, 2008 By Under Networking

It?s kind of freaky to think that your clients and worse off, possible clients know a lot more about you than you think they do. It pays to be careful about what you say on the Internet, as it can all be tracked back to you, especially if you use your name, website link, or anything else in reference to you in the open. That can add to what a possible client, and even current clients think about you. That in turn could affect whether or not they want you on their project.

Take possible discussions that you largely disagree with on forums with a spoon of sugar. State disagreements casually and don?t attack anyone. Hell! The person you disagree with could be a client of yours in disguise.

Posting things online that aren?t appropriate could get noticed by one of your freelancing clients. Sure, we all have things we like to do in our free time, but the Internet is a scarier world than you could imagine. Those naughty things you do late at night might have a user name or link attached with them that goes straight to your freelance writing website.

It?s not hard to see where you are getting links from, and outsiders can track them just as easily. If you are worried about past internet activities coming back to haunt your freelance writing goals, you might want to find some better ways to cover your internet tracks. Use obscure forum names, use a generic Yahoo, MSN, or Gmail account to send out emails, and avoid the use of signature links on forums that lead to your professional freelance writing website.

The best thing to do would be just avoid speaking out harshly against others, don?t use your link on non-coinciding forums, blogs and websites, and learn a little about Internet privacy.

I think I probably am one that needs to swallow a bit of my own advice, though. Heh heh.

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