You Need This Plugin: PingCrawl

Posted on August 6th, 2008 By Under Affiliate Marketing

Eli from BlueHatSEO just released one of the most kick ass free WordPress plugins you’ll ever get to play with. PingCrawl automatically inserts deep links into the text of your blog posts based off of your tags. This comes as a huge help to the SEO of your blog, and did I mention it is automatic?

PingCrawl searches Google for relevant blog posts on other blogs using a series of some pretty complex code and algorithms. When it finds a blog post relevant to your tags that allows track backs, it inserts it. Pretty simple way to build links and maybe a little traffic from those blogs you’ve linked to.

Eli suggests using 3 or less tags as this plugin can slow down your posting speeds significantly. It may also not be as successful with more tags.

You can download PingCrawl at BlueHatSEO.

Thanks, Eli!

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  1. Josh Team says:

    ha, glad you think so highly of it! Let me know if their is something I can add to it to make even more convenient to use.

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