Why Thailand?

Posted on February 24th, 2010 By Under Thailand

Someone asked me why live in Thailand? This is why…

And that’s why… btw that last girl is about 32 years old. So I think I have a lot to look forward to if I decide to get old here.

But in all seriousness, Thailand is a wonderful place. The food is the best in the world (I could hardly find any food I enjoyed in America after being in Thailand so long). There is a lot to do and see. The people are amazingly friendly. The beaches are gorgeous and the clubs are bouncing. It’s a great place for a young, single entrepreneur like me to live. On top of all this, its sooooo cheap. My daily expenses can be as low as 10 dollars (not including rent). You can live comfortably here on less than $1000 per month.

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  1. Aaron says:

    That is a damn good reason to live in Thailand

    • Smith says:

      The man that have write this post have post many photos of thai ladies that is only 1% of thai ladies ! another 99,9 % is very very not beautifull ans so so Black skin ! when I go around in Europe, can see that from 10 ladies 8 is Beautifull , here in Thailand from 10 ladies so many times anyone is nice, thinking if we need to check the beautifull ! Thay Lady of good have also that is free so much , because like MONEY if you pay the ladies selling body , like a Europe, only the price is more hight , In finish asia people is not beautiful like a Europe people ……….price down ? not true , whit 1000 Dollar , cannot do so much , sure can living better that in Europe but if the people ( farang ) not have problem in they country sure that never will come to living in Thailand …..maximun only for holydays

  2. Georgie says:

    Do you speak fluent Thai or whatever language the chicks speak? Do many speak English? Is there a club/drinking culture with hot women so opportunities to chat? Asians are impossible to score, they never go drinking and street game isn't the done thing over here.

  3. ctrtard says:

    Watch out for ladyboys!

  4. hackcorp says:

    Yeah, Thailand is nice… I've been to Bangkok and Pattaya, places are amazing. Best beaches, clubs, bars, shows… A lot of tourists, a lot of attractions. Wouldn't want to leave there though, life is too tough. :)

  5. actually, by far the best Thai food you'll ever find is in Australia :)

    Thai food is huge here and the Thais that moved to Oz have fused their cuisine with influences from all over the world and get to use the freshest ingredients and stuff they'd never think of using or even find in Thailand and they all compete with each other and against all the other cultures here..

    yeah, I should write travel brochures lol

  6. eWytze says:

    @Justin_Dupre what? chicks in Thailand twice as horny ? ;)

  7. Jeff says:

    Haha, awesomeness. My cousin lives in Shanghai and loves it much more than America as well, not to mention it's super cheap too. He lives like a king at $350 per week.

    Now if I could only make $1,000 per month, I'd be there in a heart beat. What city are you living in currently? I think it would be a nice goal for me to make enough money to live in Asia.

  8. Jack Indigo says:

    Sure, it's got a lot of perks. It has an outstanding and inexpensive healthcare system in addition to what you mentioned. It's also got quite a few problems, though. I know this because my dad goes back and forth there.

    * If you ever go beyond the main cities, it's dangerous. The disparity there between rich and poor is far worse than most superpower countries. Guys would slit your throat without thinking twice about it, just for a few measly dollars from your wallet.

    * To live there reasonably for a long time, as well as protect your wife and children, you really need 2 security guards. That costs money. Now it's costing you more per month.

    * The court system is wacky.

    * If you ever get a local woman pregnant there, you could be swindled six ways to Sunday.

    * It's not a great place where you can raise your children in the same way you were raised.

    * There's a common swindle there where a local woman will get you hooked on her, have you marry her, and then you get a condo or a house. But then her real husband shows up, and the way the law is set you could end up losing the condo and house.

    * They don't have the same food inspection standards that other superpower countries have. Don't be fooled by what you see in the inner city hotel restaurants and other restaurants — it could be a madhouse in the kitchen, and the wholesale grocery the restaurant uses could be even worse.

    * If you think the mafia is bad in the northeastern part of the USA, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Thai mafia is everywhere in Thailand.

    * What if you get all hopped up to move there, move your girlfriend there from some other country, start a family, and then a major coup-de-tat breaks out? Thailand is one of those places where this is highly likely.

    • Justin Dupre says:

      Sounds like you've spent a lot of time reading horror stories…

      1. Thats a fucking joke. Guys in any city around the world will beat you up for a few bucks. I've been here 4 years and have yet to encounter a fight for my money. Maybe in the deep south where you have terrorism between the muslims, but anyone with half a brain would know not to get lost in that area. I've lived in Lampang/Chiang Mai for 1 year, Hua-Hin for 1 year and Bangkok for 2 and I have never once had any bad encounters.
      2. 2 security guards cost probably 200 – 400 a month. If you're making any kind of decent money that isn't a problem. The security guards at my condo are all inclusive. I live in probably the safest part of town and my rent is $1100 for a 1200 sq ft amazing condo. It's not cheap, but its not outrageously expensive for a large metropolis (comparing places like Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, etc)
      3. Court system is wacky, but police generally treat foreigners with a lot of respect if they can speak Thai. Sure they run a lot of wacky traffic stops to get a few hundred baht out of you, but you can talk your way out of those pretty easily.
      4. Don't get a whore pregnant.
      5. I actually agree with this one, although I gotta admit, of all the teens I've met here, they generally have a great time and love it. Lots of parties which is how I wish my teen years were spent. Just make sure they know to stay away from drugs and impose some limits. Again, just like any other place.
      6. Again, don't have anything to do with a whore.
      7. Agreed. Be prepared for some stomach problems the first time you are here. Make sure your meat is cooked like any other place. I eat at street stalls, I eat at mom and pop joints, I eat at places where I'll watch them cook everything in the same pan for an hour with the same old grease. Get over it, try it and love it. Thai food is amazing!!! Luckily, the four years I've been here I haven't had one case of food poisoning or any type of food allergies or weird reactions. (As long as alcohol poisonings don't count here, right? Haha)
      8. Who's gonna get involved with any mafia. Don't be a retard. Don't gamble with them and don't buy drugs from them and don't take a loan from them. Having a brain helps. Other then that, I've never bumped into the mafia here or had anyone come up to me and try to make some deal or something with the mafia.
      9. If you're coming here – Don't bring your GF or the family. Come to enjoy it. If another Coup breaks out, we'll just hope it was bloodless like the last few. There were a few deaths, but I don't think that was from violence. I heard heat exhaustion/dehydration and some probably got crushed in the crowds. It isn't a 100% democracy so yeah there is gonna be some turbulence, but again, I've been here during the Taksin coup, the yellow shirt rallying, the red shirt rallying and not a whole lot happened except for some rioting. I did make sure I was out of the country for the red shirt rally. Some stuff got a little extreme (my girlfriend was at the hotel they busted into in Pattaya, also saw some politician being pulled out of his car and beaten). Not gonna lie that was pretty scary, but I've seen worse in the states.

      I feel like where I am

      • Lock says:

        Yeah I got to agree with you Justin, I fly to Bangkok a few times per year for business purposes and always enjoy my stay in Thailand. Just like any other places on earth, you just need to use your brain and not wander around in creepy places. I find it a safe place and people are nice and friendly. No one asks you to get involved with Mafia or whores who are out to get your money. I have seen quite a number of foreigners living in Thailand and if it is a nightmare to be there, why is everyone still live there?

        The food is fantastic and cheap, I just can't wait to be there again in January 2011…

    • Nick G says:

      Yeah, 90% of that "unsafe" stuff is bullshit. I haven't been here as long as you, but I've never felt unsafe anywhere in Thailand, even in deep south towns near Malaysia. Almost all the Thailand criticisms I've heard — calling the women swindling whores, bitching about safety — have come from creepy old guys in bars and annoying expats on Thaivisa.

      And $1100 for a condo that big is a sweet deal, even in Bangkok. What part of town are you in?

  9. Yeah, I gotta agree.

    Thailand is almost unbelievable

    on every level. I live a few blocks

    away from Justin (the best area..eh eh eh)

    and the women, food, weather, clubs and

    lifestyle keep me inspired even when things

    get a little tough sometimes.

    Once I moved here I felt all my stress just

    melt away and it hasn't returned (I thought

    it might). There are some definite traps to

    be wary of but if you're an intelligent

    person you shouldn't have too many issues.

    I'm staying!

  10. jason argall says:

    What's your lady boy screening system when you go out? Risky business over there… yikes.

    • hackcorp says:

      Hehe, yeah… They are all over Thailand for some reason, besides a quarter of the girls having some kind of STDs. Got to be really careful picking…

      • Justin Dupre says:

        Look at the feet. Big feet = stay away.

        Same with hands.

        Adams apple is pretty much a dead giveaway.

        Leg shape, fake boobs, shoulder width, etc.

        If all else fails, try and get in close enough to hear the voice.

        Lately they are getting a lot harder to spot… rather than go the obvious route where they get as much plastic surgery as possible and try to be "beautiful" and I dunno yuck… they are imitating normal average looking girls which makes it 3 times harder to spot the difference.

        It's really disturbing.

        • Jason Argall says:

          Yes, sounds horribly disturbing. Do you drink alcohol when you go out and meet girls? Sounds dangerous.

          I just saw this on Digg:


          LOL This story reminded me to check back on your response to my comment.

          I'm not a huge fan of Asian girls. And since Gringas generally leave something lacking, this is why I have spent half of the last two years living somewhere in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia have taken most of my time). The women are hyper-feminine and offer something Gringas lost decades ago (or never had?). I think these countries offer the best lifestyle in the world for a 20-something year-old guy who can break free of wage-slavery (affiliate marketers or other young entrepreneurs). The only other region I would consider long-term relocation to at this age would be Lebanon. A short stint Eastern Europe would be nice too. So much life to live, so little time…

          Good luck and enjoy Thailand, man. I'd really like to explore Asia just because it's so different. How blessed we are to be able to live expat lifestyles and get to know the world at such a young age.

  11. Noom says:

    Sawasdee Krub ;)

    Good article + great pics. Glad to hear good stories of Thiland from farang (foreigner).


    –Affiliate Friend from Chiang Mai

  12. PPC Icon says:

    Badly want to try and live there for a while. It's on my goals list for the next 3 years.

  13. nice post…what's interesting, most of those women you posted almost look Japanese. Most of the Thai girls I've seen here and in Japan were much darker skinned.

    I still need to get out that way one day, probably whenever I get back to Japan for a visit. Time to get some new campaigns up first.

  14. sweetdee says:

    I'm a chick so the local women aren't the main reason im here…

    (And Wes is right…they look more Japanese than most Thai women I see in Thailand).

    Still as a woman i have many reasons to love Thailand after moving here from Los Angeles and Las Vegas:

    1-) Awesome food

    2-) Cheap drugs (the kind you get from the pharmacy when you really are sick and need meds, dopeheads…I'm not talking about yaba or meth in Thai)

    3-) Hot Europeans guys (Proust!)

    4-) It's close to all other awesome Asian countries

    5-) Cheap rent

    6-) Laidback lifestyle

    7-) CHEAP labor when you get your hair and nails done (of course…girls gotta pimp out too you know!)

    8-) Amazing culture and history

    9-) You have a business edge here if you are American and Japanese trained professionally like I am.

    10-) Did I mention the food?

  15. keith says:

    post some pics of your crib!

  16. peboom says:

    SawasDee kub Justin i follow u on twitter and read your blog here

    im a newbie internet marketing I never do PPC or PPV I have a little experience with a blog and a little SEO to sell amazon product.

    i read your post here and it really helpful.

    Im Thai and I leave in Thailand too im stay in Bangna

  17. Catherine says:

    Another girl here…

    Why I love Thailand:

    1) The people (in many ways, sweeter/kinder/funnier)

    2) The food (hotter, the better)

    3) The lifestyle (live like a king/queen for less)

    4) Travel (traveling from SE Asia is cheaper)

    5) The culture (I'm still digging into it)

    6) The language (kicks my butt and I love it)

    Btw – If you are going to get ripped off in any third world/developing country, the chances of it being the guards is high.

  18. Hmong Yang says:

    As a man, I am 100% agree with you.

    Girls, girls, and girls !!!!! By the way I am Hmong and moved to Thailand as a refugee after the Vietnam war. We are a very small group about 7-10 millions worldwide. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m6wjJMwj4o )My culture, man could have more then 1 wife "My dad have 4 wife."

    Beside that, Thailand have good and cheap food, cheap labor, and very very respectfully people. Think about labors, if you making $5000 per month you pretty much live like a king.

    BTW:I am Asia. Even thought I from the USA with shit load of money, I still not attractive (stand out)as Caucasian or Black, so watch out. Very good and bad things could happens to you.

    Good luck with you! Hopefully someday I could be your next door neighbor.

  19. Jason Ser says:

    Very Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    HI Justin , thanks for popping by my blog. I thought of paying you a visit and got stuck on this post!!

    What the….? Well Is so good to be young and energetic my friend. You made me want to pay a visit to Thailand, My friend.


    Jason Ser

  20. Josef Benjamin says:

    I'm sold, bro.

    I'm taking a visit there earlier next year (between Jan – March).

    I don't know if I'll be living there, but I may very well do so

    for atleast 4-6 weeks. These thai women will lose there damn mind with a 6'2, dark brown skinned man, lol.

    Should I brush up o my Thai and get atleast semi-fluent?

    I don't mind being a foreigner, but I think it's respectable to

    take teh time to learn any language for every country you visit

    before you go.

  21. Kevin Frilot says:

    that's awesome man! i just started in aff marketing with the goal of living in thailand and then i came across your random thailand post. keep it up dude!

  22. Thailand says:

    I love thailand i've been living in chiang mai for 2 years now and it's awesome!

    • Justin Dupre says:

      I used to live in Lampang. It was really peaceful, but pretty boring for a youngin' like me. I love BKK though!

  23. snowflake says:

    Bangkok is a really nice place to live, I moved here 10 years ago shortly after starting my internet business.

    I feel really privileged having moving here in my early twenties and I'm not going anywhere.

    I do like the people here and the food is awesome. No cold winters either.

    I've never had any problems like posted above here, and I guess like elsewhere, if you just don't do stupid stuff you will be OK.

    The beach is only a couple of hours drive away and basically the only bad thing here is all the nice distractions keeping me from launching more sites and campaigns, which is actually a real problem for me.


    snowflake in bangkok

  24. david says:

    I've lived in Saigon for the last 10 years and couldn't imagine living anywhere besides Southeast Asia. Mr. Paranoid poster is way out of whack. I feel much safer here than in most cities in the USA. Some foreigners get into various kinds of trouble but if you dig deeper into the story it's always because they were doing something stupid.

    It's especially awesome for pursuing your internet career because you can work part time and still live very comfortably.

    My expat blog: LivinginHCMC.com. (NOT a shining example of my work or anything, just an old blog.)

  25. Chad says:

    I lived in Phuket for a year, fighting and training full time… it's fantastic. Sure the cost of living is nice, but the laid back lifestyle and people are what I liked the most. For those wondering on cost of living, my wife and I had a 3 bedroom house with a pool, 10 minutes away from 4 different beaches, and was only $400/mth. Our most expensive item was our car rental… lol it was some ridiculous pimped out car but still only $250/mth. Our priciest month was $2k, not restricting ourselves in anyway whatsoever.

    I can't handle Bangkok though for too long…. Chalong in Phuket is where I love.

    • Justin Dupre says:

      I\’ve never actually gone to Phucket. I\’m just not one for the beaches. I like the busy-ness of the city.

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