Who Wants Dat Shit? Get Into Their Heads

Posted on August 13th, 2008 By Under Affiliate Marketing

When you finally have an offer you are ready to promote, you can start writing out ad copys, sales pages, and designing landing/squeeze pages for your offer. Should that be step one though? Absolutely not. You need to know who wants to buy into that offer.

Research into getting good demographics for your offer needs to be at the top of your to-do list. You can target everyone, but you’ll get a shit load of clicks from people that don’t neccessarily care about the offer. That costs you money off of your ROI and CTR rates.

Ask yourself what kind of people want your offer? Who will be the buyer? Who will be the skeptips? And what words will further a clickers want to purchase whatever you are pushing?

You want to know how to do this? Get into the heads of your demographics. Become that person that will buy it. How do they want to be sold, and how can you sell the product by answering as many questions they will have about it. Find a way to encorporate this into your copy and you should be gold.

For further and more profitable campaigns, you will really want to put in a shit load of research. Talk to who could be a potential customer, find out what makes them tick, how can you push their buy button, and what would they not be so sure about. Drive around areas your demographics live, what do they chat about in their freetime. If you find them talking about golf when they are meeting, put a golfing reference in your ad.

Get in their head, bro. That’s all. Take a lot of time to brainstorm and get to know who you are selling to. Once you’re on top of this, you’ll be good to get some good clicks and should be able to atleast drag even on your investment. If not, you suck and did something wrong. Go back and start again, tardo. D’ end!

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