‘Wanted’ Leaves Me Wanting More

Posted on June 30th, 2008 By Under Justin Dupre

This year has been full of complete failures, at least the one’s I have had the luck of watching, that have entered the movie theatres. I had my 5 dollar ticket to head into the film ‘Wanted’ expecting nothing much more than what the trailer had pumped me up with. I hadn’t even read a synopsis of the film. I’ll spare you the trouble by providing you with one:

“Wanted” tells the tale of one apathetic nobody’s transformation into an unparalleled enforcer of justice. In 2008, we’re introduced to a hero for a new generation: 25 year old employed slacker, Wesley Gibson. Wes is the most disaffected, cube-dwelling, clock-punching drone this planet has ever known. His boss chews him out hourly, his girlfriend ignores him routinely, and his life plods on in interminable boredom and routine. Everyone knows this disengaged slacker will amount to absolutely nothing, and so does he, until he meets the sexy, foxy woman named FOX, and then everything changes.

Wes’ estranged father is murdered, and the deadly Fox recruits him into The Fraternity, a secret society that trains him to avenge his father’s death, by unlocking his dormant powers. And oh boy does he have powers, as she teaches Wes how to develop his lightning-quick reflexes and phenomenal agility, he discovers that The Fraternity lives by an ancient, unbreakable code: to carry out the death orders given by emotionless Fate itself.

Wes, with his wickedly brilliant and sexy tutor, plus the paternal guidance of The Fraternity’s enigmatic leader, Sloan, young Wes grows to enjoy all the strength and success he ever wanted. But, slowly, he realizes there’s more to his dangerous associates than meets the casual eye. And, as he wavers between new found heroism and vengeance, Wes will come to learn what no one can ever teach him; that he alone controls his destiny. Provided by Orange.

Timur Bekmambetov, who is responsible for ‘Night Watch’ and ‘Day Watch’, put together this ultraviolet piece, and he did it with some excellent style. It is a grisly film, prevalently filled to the brim with “F”-bombs, blood, and with some filtered comedy, as well.

Wesley Gibson, played by James McAvoy, puts on quite a show for the audience. Starting out as an account manager overwhelmed by stress from his obnoxious and over-sized boss, the fact that his girlfriend is cheating on him with his best friend, and because he is unable to stand up to anyone, we eventually see this slacker evolve into a new man.

The change brought up in Wes manifests when a new woman enters his life. Fox, none other than Angelina Jolie’s sexy character, finds Wesley in the grocery store and a shoot and chase scene breaks out. It turns into a mash-up of the Matrix, Kill Bill, and Chinese martial arts films, mixed in with a bit of The Fast and The Furious. If you are looking for an exciting film, this film fails to bore.

The story is absolutely ridiculous. Don’t see ‘Wanted’ if you expect a story that can at least attest for itself upon questioning. There were so many holes in the “fabric” of this story that I couldn’t help but laugh afterward. The Fraternity gets it’s orders from a loom named “The Loom of Fate.” It spits out names in binary code, which was actually invented 1000 years ago if this story could hold true. The unfortunate nature of this factor was probably the biggest disappointment of the film. I’m assuming this film had a budget of well over $100-million, and they couldn’t even hire a creative director imaginative enough to think of something, perhaps, more genuine?

I’m not shunning the film on many other points though. It was exciting, it did it’s job to give me $5 worth of entertainment, and I wanted more of the action. I’m not sure if we will see a sequel to this, but I’d be glad to have it happen. Pump it with all the adrenaline this action story is packed with, and it will be set for many more millions of dollars.

“Wanted” is an action flick feeding those dying from the summer heat. It provides on that level, and that level only. Based on a 5-star ranking, I’ll pass out a 3.75 star rank. It gave me plenty of pump but lacked the story I like to see in films. I would have given a 3.5 ranking if it weren’t for Angelina Jolie’s butt shot. Glorious.

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  1. "The story is absolutely ridiculous." You can say that again. Thankfully, the action is so over the top and outrageous that the ridiculousness of it all doesn't matter!

  2. Def some good info here – keep it coming

  3. Jasmin says:

    "…3.5 ranking if it weren’t for Angelina Jolie’s butt shot"

    ^THIS! haha

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