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Posted on August 8th, 2008 By Under Affiliate Marketing

People seem to run into a lot of problems, monetarily, when running huge campaigns and expanding on successful ones. One thing you don’t want to do is stop campaigns that are successful. Many people think this is the only thing they can do when they run out of money, which is absolutely ridiculous and stupid. There are plenty of sources for extra cash when you need it and I suggest you use them

Use your damn coupons. Facebook has $200 in coupons that you can use. Hop on different proxies, make a shit load of accounts and use those coupons on each one of them. Infinite free money. Just be careful. Facebook will ban you if you don’t anonymize yourself enough. Adwords, Yahoo Publisher and MSN Adcenter all have coupons that you can use over and over and over again, too. Use them. Even if you don’t break even, you can normally make some kind of profit.

I’m too lazy to create multiple accounts, and it is too risky. If one account with your credit cards gets banned, you can never use that card again on facebook. I don’t have 250 dollars a day in my bank account to keep my advertising up, so I turn to my sexy Plum Card from AmEx. I’ve got no limit on it, and if I pay the fees back within 10 days of the closing date I can get 2% cash back. Talk about sexy bitches! For every $1000 I spend, I make 20 bucks, which may seem insignificant, but if I spend 15k in one month, I make back enough to pay my monthly rent (I live in Thailand, cheap rent but a great apartment I have),

Get a loan. If you can’t get approved for the Plum Card, you must have shit for a credit score. I got mine after owning another AmEx card for only 2 months, and I am only 20 mind you. If you know your campaign will score you big bucks, go out and get loan. Get s secured loan if you can’t just get one from your bank. These are also excellent ways to build up your credit score if you can pay them back.

Another way to get some cash, is to let some other noob pay for your expenses. Offer them a percentage of your profit and things should be all honkee-doree. This one required good negotiation. The investor needs to get enough money to feel an impact on his investment, and you need enough to make a good return on your ads.

Thats 4 ways to get cash, and just some of the ways. There are tones of other ways I can think that you can get some money. Sell shit and then buy it back later when you are rollin in the dough. Go raise some funds via another source (I still do some freelance writing that pays nearly instantly once the work is complete). Go to the street corner and beg/work at McDonalds.

Okay, you’ve got no reason to put that campaign on pause now, so get out there and start makin G’s yo!

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