The Key To Amazing Opt-In Rates

Posted on May 20th, 2013 By Under Affiliate Marketing, Emailing

I very recently shared this picture on my Facebook.


If you are unfamiliar with what you’re seeing in this image, you’re looking at the web form stats page on my Aweber account for a new campaign I just put up less than 24 hours ago! With $25 thrown at the campaign, 59 people have subscribed after 140 unique displays for a real opt-in rate of 42.1%. This is what I call a killer opt-in rate that you would have to be blind, stupid, and a dog to not be able to make money off of.

So, how did I set up a brand new campaign that was set off for success from the get go? Let’s talk about that!

Know Your Targets

This is probably the most important part of the campaign. If you’re not studying demographics and psychographics on a daily basis, you aren’t performing to your max capabilities as an affiliate marketer. In fact, you’re as dumb and blind as the dog from the first paragraph. Before I go into any new campaign, I study exactly whoever is buying what I plan to promote. What are they saying about the current market? What are they buying and why are they buying it? Why do they like it and why do they hate it? Most importantly, what made them buy it? You can build any campaign in the world around these questions and it will almost always be profitable within a week of tweaking in and testing it.

Too many times, I hear about people quitting affiliate marketing because they threw up 3 offers and got zero conversions. The above campaign is stupid simple. I listened to the market, applied tactics my competitors used and have started tweaking it to improve my opt-in rates. It took all of $25 because I took the time to research who I wanted to target rather than blindly throwing shit at the wall.

Borrow From Your Competitors

Big brands and big spenders know what they’re doing. If you’re not implementing their knowledge, you’re a bozo. Now, I’m not telling you to blatantly copy ad, offer and landing page, but I am telling you to take some inspiration. My ad copy on this campaign was 100% my own, but it used many of the same ‘salesy’ words seen on other ads that were hitting some of my targets. Many of these have been online for months, it is obviously working for them.

Study those ads and offers and landing pages, and ask yourself why those might work. Go back to the first section and analyze the market to find your answers. I was able to apply this knowledge to my ad for a crazy CTR, and then to my opt-in page for this insane 42% opt-in rate. When I have numbers like this, before I even shoot out emails to them, I know I have the right targets and I know this is going to convert very well.

Give Some Bait, Set The Hook

The best way to get someone to convert is to offer some sort of incentive after you initiate some sort of emotional response from your targets. Joy, fear, and curiosity are some of the best emotional responses for obtaining conversions and making money. My ad provided an incentive download that would solve a huge problem specifically for the people I was sending the ad to. But that is where I cut it off. This provides a sense of curiosity. “What could it be!? How could it solve my problems!?”

That is exactly what you want people to think when they see your ads. This provides a high CTR.

The landing page further reinforced this with a countdown timer. So now I have people not only curious for what they could be downloading (a specific document that will help them solve a specific problem), but now they are heightened with a sense of urgency to grab this download before the timer ticks down and the offer is gone forever (not really, but most people on the internet have the intelligence of an 8 year old and are just that gullible). Here, the hook is set and I now have a new subscriber.

What you do with these new found leads is up to you, but keep applying what you’ve learned here and you’ll find you’re making more and more monies for the bank!


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  1. joana says:

    Actually I've seen conversion rates consistently going above 50% in the biz ops niche, you just need the right lp and the right demographic.

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