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I love it when you guys send me emails! They are awesome and let me know that people actually find my freelance writing blog one way or another. I got an email from one such blog reader of mine. Let?s call that person ?Stevie? because people named Stevie are awesome for sending me emails.

Anyways, ?Stevie? had a question for me. Stevie is stuck in their corporate office all day, and it has gotten to the point where Stevie needs to get the hell out of there! And what is the issue Stevie needs some solutions for? Stevie just doesn?t know how to get reliable work and seems to be scared that the whole world of freelancing (not just freelance writing) is a world of gimmicks. Stevie asks for tips on getting that good work, and staying away from the crap that many of your friends/?web-noobs? get sucked into.

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Well, Stevie, I?ve never been stuck in a corporate cubical, but I can imagine that it is far from delightful. I?ve worked fast food jobs, and I?ve been stuck in a box selling tickets to the kiddies at an amusement park. It was far from fun for me. I think you?ll find yourself in a much more enjoyable setting as a freelance writer, designer, or programmer, and perhaps you?ll feel rejuvenated with this new love of yours.

Get that fire burning

Breaking into freelance writing is nowhere near 10 on a difficulty scale. I?d rank it closer to a 3. The hardest part about my jump into freelance writing was actually getting past the stigma that I?m not going to get paid, and why would anyone think to hire a young-gun like me for any writing project? I decided it was just time to try it out; my drive for money fueled my fire. I wrote a silly copy advertising what I could write about and posted it on a couple webmaster forums. Within 24 hours, I had 10 responses. My first lesson learned as a freelance writer: Consumers love low prices. I increased my rates shortly after that.

Don?t waste your breath

As a freelancer, you shouldn?t get sucked into those eBooks and membership programs that promise to make you 100,000+ dollars in one month. If you don?t care about losing a ton of cash, blow your money on them and see what you could have found online for free. The only eBook I would recommend is the Rockstar Freelance book published by some of the guys at Freelance Switch. While most of it is free information, it is all packed up in some shiny data formatting.

Baby steps lead to bigger leaps

I don?t know if I can recommend Stevie to go full force into freelancing. Who?s to say that freelancing is more fun than corporate paper pushing in a tiny cube? I?ve had several occasions in which I wished I was stuck being bossed around by the big shot of some dumb company because I couldn?t handle my freelance writing workload. I?d say test the waters part-time before you jump into freelancing as a profession.

Other than that, freelancing is a slice of cake. Take projects you love, set the right prices (that make you more money than you spend without overloading on work), find something that drives your will to work, and do it because you love doing it. Most of all don?t be afraid to get your hands dirty. If you can?t get past your fear of jumping into a new career, how will you ever get past the dread of waking up at 6 AM for a lousy hour-long commute to your 5-by-5 foot box?

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