Quick Affiliate Marketing Tip #4: The Reverse Affiliate Process

Posted on March 11th, 2013 By Under Affiliate Marketing, Quick Tips

I’ve seen a lot of people struggling on finding the right affiliate offer to run. It seems to be a major holding point for a lot of you new guys. From time to time I’m even stumped on what to do next.

Here is a simple solution that I totally did not devise myself:

Reverse the process of picking out an offer then finding ad placements. Start out by finding a medium/medium-high traffic ad placement, whether that be on display, search, Facebook, PPV or anywhere else. Do your research on it and get a basic idea of what may work there. Then, rather than testing one offer over multiple placements, test multiple offers over 1 placement.

As an example, you could very easily make an ad targetting a niche such as gaming. Many gaming offers, such as MMORPGs (such as Pirate101, Wizard101, Wartune just to name a few offers), feature much of the same style of gameplay. Run around, do quests, level up, loot gear, so on and so forth. A simple ad to cover all aspects would just say “The best game of 2013! Play Free Today!” It’s not creative, but it should do the job. Slap on an attractive, bright image and you’ll be ready to test multiple offers with the same ad.

The benefits to this is that you find an offer that converts well, and can then find other similar targets that can convert well on it based off your data. I know several major affiliates that prefer this method over any other, so it is definitely tried, tested and true!

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  1. raphael says:

    yup. thats waht i do . find the traffic and match offers with that traffic.

  2. virgil s. says:

    Interesting concept, any data on this to be found anywhere?

  3. Jon Dawson says:

    Interesting post bro, never thought about it that way instead of one do muliple excellent, i will have to adapt this in to my next ppc ad campaign :)

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