Quick Affiliate Marketing Tip # 2 – Keep Your Distractions Quiet

Posted on February 10th, 2013 By Under Productivity, Quick Tips

Hey guys! Got another quick tip for you today, and it is all about staying productive.

I have a lot of tools at my fingertips. Email, cell phones, IMs, Facebook and a multitude of other windows and doodads I keep open and around me. Most of these tools are essential to making my business run smoothly, but I can get easily lost in them. This is especially true when most of them make noise. Even Facebook is doing it these days with simple notifications.

My tip to you is to mute all your distractions. Skype phone calls and IMs no longer interrupt my grind sessions, and unless I have a scheduled call, sometimes I don’t even notice one coming in. I get an average of around 30 people messaging me on a daily basis, and this simple change to notification noises has done wonders for my productivity. Facebook no longer pings me every time someone updates their status on some uninteresting comment unrelated to business. As for my phone, I’ve turned sound and vibration off when I get down to business. Nothing good comes out of it, and when I really need to get things done it stays next to the bed rather than plugged in next to my computer.

Use this Quick Affiliate Marketing Tip in combination with other productivity tools like to-do lists, website blockers and checklists to make sure you are at the top of your game!

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  1. IMO the biggest distraction is having Facebook tab open while working followed by cellphone on side , i always advise my students to keep these distractions away and then start their work and definably that works , ideas you get while keeping all the distractions away are always the best .

  2. Ben says:

    This is such a huge problem for me…I always get distracted when I am doing research…This is a perfect example. During my research this morning I found your blog. You have great content so I've found myself looking around. It was not on the top of my to do list today.

    An additional tip to shutting out all the noise is to find a couple people that you trust and shut everything else out. Follow them…buy their products…get coaching…unsubscribe from those that send everyone's product pitches over and over…

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