Quick Affiliate Marketing Tip # 1 – Micro-Niche Targeting and Thinking Outside the Box

Posted on February 5th, 2013 By Under Affiliate Marketing, Quick Tips

In order to make writing for my blog easier, as I’ve been out of it for a couple months now it looks, I’ve decided to add a new style of entry – Quick Tips. This will be a series of short posts filled with a tip or a few each to help new and experienced marketers make the best of their affiliate marketing campaigns.

Quick tip #1 is a helping hand to all you new affiliate marketers out there. A lot of you are looking at the bigger picture when you look into niches. You see dating and you target single men. You see business opportunity and you target jobless people or WaFo suckers. You see education offers and target high school graduates. All of this is fine and dandy, and there is no saying you can’t make money with the obvious targets, but when you play the game creatively, you’ll find success comes at a much lower expense and with a higher ROI.

Rather than target single men, why not angle it towards middle age business men that don’t have the time to find new dates due to their busy schedule.

Rather than targeting those looking for employment, target young college students that don’t have the time of day to make enough money at part time jobs to pay back student loans or stay at home moms looking to supplement their household income while they look after their kids.

Rather than target high school graduates, angle it towards lower income families, minorities or non-English speaking communities in order to open up new opportunities to them.

Stop making your first few campaigns broad and thinking they will just work. 5-6 years ago, that was the thing, but these days you need to put in a little more effort in order to make your first $100+ dollar days.

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  1. Razul says:

    Cool thanks! That just gave me some ideas about my current campaigns haha.

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