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For the past couple weeks I have been checking out PoFPro. PoFPro is essentially a tracking solution built and optimized specifically for your Plenty of Fish advertising. And let me tell you – I don’t ever want to advertise on Plenty of Fish with any other tracking solution out there after being able to play with what Tom Fang and iPyxel have come up with. It’s almost everything you’ll need to make money on autopilot with Plenty of Fish ads.

Before PoFPro, I never worked too hard with PoF. There was a time when it was easy to make a quick buck there, but to be competitive there today you either need 100s of campaigns and thousands of ads, or lots of time to optimize many different campaigns and niches. It’s a great traffic source to build your first $100 a day on, but its a large mountain climb to 10-fold that. Without PoFPro, I’d say you’d need at least a couple people working on campaigns at Plenty of Fish to keep them active and alive as it requires a lot of creative testing and rotation as well as optimizing out non-converting targets. PoFPro fixes this by automating a large part of everything you need done.


Setting up PoFPro was probably the hardest part of using PoFPro, and with the support and videos, that isn’t very tough at all. So long as you know how to create a database or can learn, you shouldn’t have an issue with PoFPro. In case you do, Tom is ready to help you out on their support page. Minimum requirements for your server or VPS are PHP 5.3 or better and MySQL 5.0 or better. You will also need to setup cronjobs which can be automated through PoFPro or done manually if that doesn’t work. I had to fill mine in manually, but overall setup takes less than 5 minutes once all minimum requirements are met.

I keep my tracking on a beefy server, but you should be able to do well with a smaller VPS with 512 – 1024 MB of RAM. I’m not completely sure on minimum stats here as they were not provided. Just make sure you aren’t tracking on a shared host and you should be fine.

PoFPro hooks into your current ads account via username and password, so you don’t need to do anything special with your PoF ad’s account to make PoFPro work.

Setting Up Campaigns

If you already have campaigns setup in PoF, you will be able to recreate those campaigns in PoF. Depending on how many campaigns you have going and want to import, this could be a rough patch. While you won’t need any of your ads up and running, you will need to grab all the affiliate links you were using and rotating through. If you have 100s of different offers you are using, it could take time to grab them all, however, after this all you need to do is assign which offers were running on which campaigns. At that point, you simply assign whatever offers were running on whichever campaigns. It’s a simple, elegant solution.

Creating a completely new campaign couldn’t be easier. All ad options are available from small ads, profile targetted ads and IAB banners. Write and upload all your images in one go. Ad affiliate offers to groups and you’ll never have to add that affiliate link ever again – simply just select it to rotate through in any future campaign. Add all your targeting (all options are available) and click Execute to create the ads. When the next cron job is scheduled, your new ads should be uploaded and ready to go. You can upload any number of ads to the campaign, split test any number of ad copies, and rotate through all of them to find winners.

Managing and Optimizing Campaigns

This is where PoFPro shines. PoFPro can track campaigns using a global postback or simple tracking pixel or via uploaded subid reports for affiliate networks and programs still living in the stone age. This allows you to do some amazing things with PoFPro.

Hurdles are where you should spend some time. This allows you to setup rules by which your campaigns should follow. So for me, I don’t like to run ads that have zero clicks after 1000 impressions. Using an Ad Click hurdle, I am able to set it so all ads that reach 1000 impressions without a click will be paused by PoFPro. I can also use a rule that makes it so if I spend 1 – 2x the payout of an offer without a conversion on that ad, it gets paused. This is simple, yet oh so effective automation. With these two simple rules I’m 95% able to automate all facets of my Plenty of Fish campaigns. It’s stupid how overpowered and awesome this is. It cuts my management time down by 80% and actually makes PoF a viable traffic source for me again.

Hurdles can be applied to any campaigns individually, and you can create an infinite amount of hurdles which can be mixed and matched to the specific ad campaign you are making.

Other tracking information automatically appended to all your campaigns is age, state, and sex. You’ll never be adding variables to the end of your links again! You can view these stats in your analytics.

On top of that, you can see cross-tab reports across all your campaigns as a whole or individually right in the tracker. This is powerful stuff which can skyrocket your ROIs when you go deeper into targeting and get more creative with your ads. Use them!

Each campaign you make can be tracked hour by hour. This allows you to be able to shut down and start up a campaign at any hour of the day, automatically. PoFPro prints out ROI reports so you can see exactly which hours of what day you are most profitable and which hours are your common losers. I’d suggest collecting 2 weeks of data in any new niches and countries before you optimize any campaign hard here, but I know for a fact many of my campaigns will flop overnight, so this allows me to immediately set it up so I won’t be spending money while my campaigns fail to generate revenue during poor hours.

You can also group your campaigns. This allows you to manage as many campaigns as you’d like all on one screen. Massively upload new ads and images to all those grouped campaigns, split-test a new offer or landing page, day part them all at once, apply hurdles, etc. ¬†This all just helps cut down on time you spend managing campaigns versus making new ones.

The tracking and analytics are robust and will give you all information from CTR, CVRs, impressions, landing page clickthroughs, and more. It’s all the information you will really need to make a campaign work.

Another big time saver, the ability to re-submit disapproved ads. If you have ads you know don’t break any rules, you can even have Ben, a PoF Ad Manger, look at your ads before they are submitted right in the system. This isn’t something you’ll want to abuse when you know you have ads that are against PoF’s rules, but it speeds things up immensely when you want to see what a second ad approval team member looks at it. I’d suggest only using this when you really need it.

What It’s Missing

More robust ad rotation settings are needed. Right now I can kind of rotate by creating two-three different campaigns running their ads on different days, but this isn’t good enough. I want to be able to set up ad groups, too, that stay in one campaign that work with the hurdle system. Say something like, run ad group 1 until ROI drops below xyz percent, then run ad group 2, 3, 4, etc. Or something like an ad drip system where I upload 500 ads at a time, but it will only test 10 at a time and keep only the positive ROI ads. These are much more detailed requests though, so I can’t blame them for missing something like this.

Also, landing pages. I didn’t test it, but I’m not sure if multiple-choice LPs and multiple-path with multiple-page LPs are supported. Right now it looks just like simple 1 page landers are supported. This could need an upgrade. Edit: Tom has corrected me in the comments section below. Multiple LP paths, multiple-page paths and more work!

These aren’t complaints, just things that I think should be addressed in the near future.


If you plan on advertising on PoF, get PoFPro. Simple as that. It’s about $4 per day to go for the Pro plan, and it comes with a 1-month free trial. If you are making $100 a day or losing $100 a day, this is a safe investment and will allow you to spend less time looking at and managing your campaigns, and more time making new campaigns and creating branches off your current campaigns with more detailed and accessible reports. If I wasn’t still on my free month, I’d have made my money back strictly using this tool to manage new campaigns in my 2nd day of use. That’s how powerful it is.

On top of tracking, you’ll also get access to reports and guides to get started with affiliate marketing and PoF. I had a quick browse and they’ll definitely help you hit the ground running.

Just get it.



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  1. Tom Fang says:

    Justin, thanks for the really awesome and detailed review!

    I just wanted to clarify what's possible with the landing pages tracking:

    1) You can rotate in multiple landing pages to split test for each campaign, and of course you can have a different path for each landing page.

    2) You can have multiple pages in each landing page path. Just link to the first page of the sequence as your landing page URL and link to "exit-page.php" on the last page of the sequence where you want the visitor to go to the offer page.

    With that, the thing you won't be able to track is exactly which pages the visitor got to. You only know if they went through the whole sequence and went to the offer page.

    3) You can setup and track multi-offer or "offer wall" landing pages as well. To link to multiple offers on any page, simply link to "exit-page.php?o=123". Where 123 is the ID of the specific offer you want to link to. Offer IDs are available in the Offers tab.

    Hope that clears things up, and thanks again.


  2. Chaz says:

    In your experience, when you say make $100 a day is it Spend $250 profit $100 or spend $50 and profit $100 ?

    • Justin Dupre says:

      It can be either, or, depending on the campaign. I tend to focus on camps with a 50% or greater ROI. But if I'm spending $10k to make 1k a day and couldn't optimize past that, I'd still go for it so long as I had the all clear from the affiliate network and I trusted them to be able to pay me quick.

  3. James says:

    Seems like an awesome tool but after the free month it's $79-$450 every month. I think that's going to scare away newer marketers who aren't making much after the first month. I wish it was priced the same way as CPVLab.

  4. chris says:

    What i dont like about pof is you cant target every country only a handful

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