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Posted on August 12th, 2008 By Under Facebook

CTR is what it is all about when it comes down to Facebook marketing. I’m sure most of you already on there are just running simple redirects to the offers landing page, which isn’t a bad idea. You get them there quick and easy, and normally, those pages are already well designed so that they convert well. In some cases, building a separate landing page that then directs users to the offer might be better. Like always, you gotta split test this shit to make the most out of it.

Anyways, back to CTR. Everyone talks about pictures which is good and dandy. You should have an image that pops out, but you should also have a sexy title. People will normally read the headline after noticing the image, and some ignore the ad description all together. It is important that you get a headline that nails the offer to the user and write one that makes that 18 year-old, single college student from the University of Florida click through.

Let’s go back to 9th grade English class. What did Mrs. Crabapple always tell you when writing introductions? Never use a basic, stupid simple intro in presentations or papers. That would be crap like “Hi my name is Poopie and I’m going to be talking about ding-dongs today.” Mrs. Crabapple would be sad to see this kinda shiat on your Facebook ads.

So what did she want us to write? An awesome ass introduction. Hell, it can be simple, but it has to be gripping. My favorite introductions and headlines always use a question mark. Writing a simple question related to your offer is ussually enough to drag people in. For example, if the D-student was pushing the $30 a lead paying Acai Berry – Oprah offer on Ads4Dough (if you haven’t already joined A4D, join under my referal link to join my PPC Consulting program) the D-student might write something like “Acai Berries.”

That’s effing boring and doesn’t capture anyones attention except for the people on Facebook already looking for Acai Berries. No one on Facebook is looking for Acai Berries, let me tell you now. You could make that into a much better headline with a question like “Want some acai berries?” Yup, that headline is much better, but once again, it still sucks. No one knows what Acai Berries are and what the hell they do. Let’s make it into something that more people are interested in and much more likely to click on.

Want to lose weight?

Tired of being overweight?

Want to shed pounds?

Dieting to difficult?

Wow, yeah I’m pretty sure you guys all owe me $1000392 gajillion dollars for those headlines. They aren’t anything special, but they are simple and they hit a larger audience than the D-students examples. Many more people are looking to lose weight than those looking for acai berries.

That took way too long to explain you should write questions rather than be so stupidely direct with your headlines. The next tip is much easier to explain. Which one looks lie a more desirable headline?

Do you want a big puppy?

Do You Want A Big Puppy?

More people will click on the lower example because it just sticks out more. Sometimes Facebook might bitch about this, but for the most case they are more worried about the giant amount of cleavage you are trying to skip past them.

For most ads, I aim for a .08% or higher click-through rate. My best ads do .2 – .3%. If you aren’t able to get somewhere near that, it might be because your headline is A) Shit; B) Not correctly capitalized; C) you aren’t targeting the right demographics. More people lose money on that last point, so work on getting that down. Better targeted demographics, even with a shit headline, will get you higher CTRs, lower click prices, and more leads and sales.

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  1. Issa says:

    You know what Justine? I can't believe no one made a comment on this post. This is some awesome shit. Thanks for sharing…

  2. I'm with Issa. This is hilarious AND useful. Nicely done.

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    Okay I'll agree with both of them. This is some good shiat stuff Justine. Thanks for sharing.

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