New Facebook to Clickbank Case Study in the Private Forums

Posted on May 30th, 2011 By Under Facebook, Featured

So the forums have been blossoming lately which is really great to see. That might be partly due to the weekly $6.95 trial subscription I now have available (can access all the forums except the daily downloads section that features all the landing pages and banner image packs).

So I recently ran a Clickbank offer through Facebook Ads. It proved successful and profitable, so I figured some of you new to CPA/affiliate marketing might appreciate seeing just how I ran it. It wasn’t a dating offer or something typical you’d find running on Facebook, and it was something I knew a lot about. This knowledge allowed me to promote the offer in ways others might not think up of. It was my own unique angle and it proved to be very effective.

So, if you want to view the case study and don’t have a forum account, head down to the forums, create an account and select your subscription type (weekly trial, monthly full account w/downloads access, or a lifetime access account for a 1 time payment). If you’ve already got a private forums account, you can access the case study here.

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  1. Just purchased a trial membership ;)

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