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Posted on June 30th, 2008 By Under Justin Dupre

It?s time to take this blog in a new direction. The goal of your domain name is to talk about what it entails. Justin Dupre is my name, and as such, it should be about me. This might involve freelance writing, and it will, but I feel it should cover much more about me than just my freelance writing career.

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I?ve decided that it will be more tailored to a general audience rather than just freelance writers. This is because, while I feel providing information to other freelance writers, other freelance writers aren?t very likely to hire me unless it would be for outsourcing reasons. A general audience may include possible clients. It is a move I?m not completely happy to make, but I feel like it is necessary if I?d like professional freelance writing work.

With new coverage, I?m more likely to pick up a broader spectrum of people to this blog. I?ll take a look at ideas I have floating in my head, what is new with my freelancing, reviews, and other life advice that I happen to fall upon.

There will still be plenty of advice towards freelance writers, and I?m sure because it is something I will cover nearly every other day as it takes so many hours of a regular day. Whether or not you decide to stick around is up to you, but I?d still love to have my loyal readers here.

I will move my writing services to another domain name used specifically for business purposes. I still haven?t got an idea for the name, but I?m using my creative juices to create style, jazziness, and, most importantly, attitude. I feel like this is a good business movement for me.

Stick around for a lot more in my life, as well as plenty of freelance writing advice and more.

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