My 3 Favorite Internet Marketing Blogs

Posted on April 8th, 2010 By Under Affiliate Marketing

Now I love my blog. I like providing some kind of value for my readers. But, I know my blog is far from beng the best, or even near “great”. And honestly, I hardly ever read blogs. They’re time wasters and not a lot of info out there I don’t already know (most of the good info people normally wouldn’t blog about publically – including myself). But there are a few good ones out there I like to check up on while I’m free. Here are my top 3 favorite blogs.

Straight Up Information

Mr. Green, written by Lorenzo Green, has got one kick ass blog. From demo drops of different ppv traffic networks to the kick ass Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader, Lorenzo really knows his stuff. A lot of his posts are straight to the goodies with no fluff inbetween. For any noob affiliate, it is a must read.

Motivation for the Noobs

Finch Sells is a great blog to read if you need to get off your ass and start working. Martin tells shit like he sees it, and he’s one guy I wish I had the honor to know in real life. He’s got some great tips on Facebook Ads, as well. Read through a lot of his posts and you’ll realize why you’re failing with making any kind of income online. 50% of all revenue generated through his blog goes to Leukemia treatment research as well, which is awefully decent of any internet marketer.

Sifting through the Shit

PPC.bz is known for its cruelty and humor used towards other affiliate marketers. Ryan Eagle made it big here, Dennis Yu gets pegged as a fraud, and some of the hottest hip hop tracks this side of the internet get dropped here. I suspect I’ll probably end up on here looking like an ass someday. Who cares, who knows, but some of the shit that has gone up here has ripped people’s dignity to shreds. Be sure to check out PPC.bz’s ad inventory network, Adwerdz. My ROI is up over 9000%!

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  1. I have all 3 of those on my reader too!

  2. I unsubscribed from allot of blog newsletters and rss feeds. I get tired of the same old regurgitated posts I have been reading on every other make money blog.

    The "new" blogs are not saying anything original either.

  3. ppc.bz makes fun of all affiliate marketers & finch sells is awesome read for any affiliate.

  4. Only had 1. Thanks for the other 2. Thanks for their bio's as well.

  5. Yihah, I had those three in my reader.

    It's a shame I don't find such good blogs for my country market, France.

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