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Posted on August 6th, 2008 By Under Facebook

I was tired of writing. It got boring writing for costs that hardly paid my bills, so I said it was time to move onto something bigger. I had been in the know how of affiliate marketing for quite some time, yet I have never put in the time to actually try it. I was scared of the money I’d lose. Google is too big for a newb to hit up, but Facebook is still pretty risk-free. I found some coupons over at neilsWeb. That gave me $250 dollars in free advertising. So, even if I don’t make a penny, I knew I wouldn’t lose.

Facebook is a haven for college student, so you will want to find some ads that will work well with them. I’ve been running dating, education, diet, gaming, and some secrets I won’t share that have all profitted well for me. Sign up with an affiliate network (I extremely recommend Ads4Dough. The service and advice from the owner is absolutely amazing. Without him, I’d still be getting low ROI).

You’ll have to be persistent with Facebook’s interns that approve the ads. Let’s just say they are little bitches that randomely disapprove your ads without even viewing them. If they disapprove your ads, make them again, change the pic and add text a bit, and resubmit it. Read the ad guidelines and ad tips on Facebook to have a better chance of getting approved. Eventually you’ll get an intern that knows what he’s doing to approve your ad. I ussually set my click prices around 30-50 cents and lower them as my CTR rises. If you can optimize your ad to your niche crowd, you might be able to lower clicks down to 5 to 10 cents.

I know this blog post is so empty, but there really isn’t much to Facebook ads. I’ve been running them 7 days and I’ve made over $1000. Thats about how much I made in a month writing, so I’d say I’m doing damn well. Get those free credit coupons, use them to find something that works, and expand those ads that work. Facebook is easy to game, and I’ll be gaming it for a long time to come. I wouldn’t say I’m quite ready to hit up Yahoo or Google, but studying Facebook can prepare you for the switch.

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