How Connected To The World Are You?

Posted on September 16th, 2012 By Under Affiliate Marketing

Here’s a great quick tip to make you guys rich: Watch the news!

I don’t mean flip on the 9 o’clock news before you go to bed. Rather, watch news religiously. There is tons of money in what is happening on a daily basis. Take a look at how a smart stock agent makes his money. He watches the news, knows whats happening when, and can make smart investment decisions based off that news. Affiliate marketers can use this to their advantage, as well.

This is one reason that if you’ve seen any affiliate marketers office, they usually have a wall mounted TV tuned into CNN in the background.

How can you use the news to make money with affiliate marketing?

  • See a unique music artist/act? Create a ring tone landing page around it!
  • A/B Choice Style landing pages – “Is she innocent or guilty?” (for any big trials covered by the news. Give them a freebie offer for voting)
  • Learn shopping trends, what people are doing and where they are going
  • Cover large electronic launches and build email freebie lists around them (HELLO!!! iPhone 5 – if you haven’t cashed in on this you are already too late!)

And that is just a short list. Watch the news, get creative and learn to capitalize on it!

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