Get Your Offers With Reverse Marketing

Posted on August 13th, 2008 By Under Affiliate Marketing

Most people market using things they know and things they think will perform well. Running through the list of offers your affiliate network provides you, you can generally find some interesting offers to push that you think you’ll know the perfect keywords, images and demographics that that offer will perform for.

If you are stuck on what kind of offer you are going to run, why not try a little experiment. Reverse marketing can bring about some exellent ideas and provide you with the demographic information you need to push an offer that makes money.

What reverse marketing is, is basically looking at what people want before examining the product you have in your hands or are thinking about pushing. By performing with reverse marketing, you take an examination at the people that will buy and figure out what it is they want to buy and how they want to be sold to.

Let’s take for example my father. My father is a big guy in his mid-40s. He is in to technology, loves his projector in the cinema, and screams at the television when the Minnesota Vikings miss an opportunity for a touchdown.

From this I can jot down that he likes football, and likes to buy expensive shit. So what kind of offers do we have for something like this? Why not try an online football live streaming thinger or something. I’m making this extremely fucking basic. You should obviously follow through with some more extensive research.

So, find someone you know and examine what it is that makes their life tick. If they fall within a group of people, you can target all those mo-fos with an offer that makes them all happy. The information obtained from them can be used for demographic targeting, keywords, landing page design (different ages and cultures like different colors), copies, and all those other fun shitty things we have to do to roll in some moola.

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