Dating Ads You Should Be Running

Posted on August 7th, 2008 By Under Affiliate Marketing

Dating ads do pretty well on Facebook, and some do better than others. These aren’t just successful ads in FB, but they do pretty well in SEM, too. So sign up with my affiliate links, start running these ads, make money, and if you need any help, feel free to contact me.

Neverblue Ads

Neverblue Ads has the best tracking and is by far the best in terms of layout and ease of use. Their affiliate managers are extremely helpful, as well. If you are working with them for dating ads, check out their eHarmony campaigns. They pay out highest of all networks I’m on at $4.25 a pop. The landing page is decent and converts fairly well if you can target the right demographics and pass some pictures of well-endowed women up.

Ads 4 Dough

I love Ads 4 Dough. The owner, Smaxor, is a blackhat SEO and super affiliate. While that might scream “STAY AWAY!! DO NOT TRUST!!” either the guy is good at playin’ everyone else, or he’s one of the best “affiliate managers” ever. What you are going to want to hit up on A4D is VIP Singles. At 7 dollars a head, this one can bring in some big bucks. However, I’ve found it really difficult to convert. It is a 3-4 page submission that only accepts people 30 years old and up and those that make more than 35K a year. Once again, targeting your demographics is important here. Make sure you split test demographics, images, headlines and ad copy.

Rocket Profit

Rocket Profit is a well layed out affiliate site and they’ve performed very well with me. Actually, I’ve made the most amount of money with them. Take a look at their Singles.net landing page. It actually converts like pie, and at $4.00 a lead, you’ll pull off some high ROI numbers. Push a lot of traffic their way and you should see some results. Also, I haven’t tested these out, but they have eHarmony specialized pages for Asians, Jews, Blacks and others that I bet would make you a shit load of money. Those convert at $4.00 a head.


Advaliant is a well put together company. They run a bunch of competitions for those that can make a lot of money, and you could end up winning TVs, computers, and other goodies. They’ve got a few dating ads that do well ranging from 3 to $4.50 a lead. They’ve also got some dating books and how to hit on chicks products with some high payouts ($40). Advaliant is a winner.

So, no matter how you do it, get out there and start pushing some ads on Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, or Google. Some of these might even work well on a static site or blog. Dating ads convert well, and it all depends on how much you are using for a click which well determine your ROI. I’ve priced clicks to high, even by just 10 cents, which have overall lost me money rather than make me a couple hundred dollars a day.

And remember, if you sign up under my referral links, I’ll help you out in anyway needed (minus giving you money to start your campaign… lol).

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