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I remember when I was in my design production course, we watched the movie “Hero.” If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you do and you study it. This film is a great one from many perspectives. The storytelling is amazing, the action is stunning, and the colors… the colors speak for themselves throughout the film. My professor for the course actually spent a great deal of time disecting the film and writing a multiple page dissertation about the use of color in Hero.

What color does is exude feeling and emotion. Many of these feelings trigger what we affiliate marketers like to see… leads and sales. If you plan on becoming a great marketer, you’ve got to understand how to get people to buy things as efficiently as possible, taking into use words, design, and color to put people into buying moods.

Let’s do a quick run down of colors and what the say. Info is from Goodell Group.

Here is the all-time color favorite for most folks, especially men. It?s a cool color that is extremely versatile going from the darker side of midnight blue to the lighter of baby blue?all of which inspire us in so many different directions.

Blue is a very trustworthy color, which is why so many companies use it for every part of design. It is also a very well founded base color. Think about the sky and sea when you see this color, and imagine how vast they are.

Along with red, this color raises our blood pressure a bit and catches our eye. Yellow embodies life, joy and offers a high-impact visual. It adds brightness to our lives.

There is a reason smilies are yellow. That shit makes you happy. In Asia, yellow is a color associated with royalty, riches, and success.

This color is the attention grabber. It is considered the hottest color with the highest impact for attention and action. It has a strong masculine appeal.

Red makes people want to buy shit. When you go in a department or grocery store, what do you see? A bunch of big-ass red signs that say SALE! BUY ME! SAVE .30 CENTS WHEN YOU BUY 50! It is ridiculous, but it works.

This color leads the pack for symbolizing a healthy lifestyle.? Green is often used with health food products, recycling, vegetables and even mentholated tobacco products (to emphasize freshness??).

Green is naturally associated with nature… naturally. If you are pushing health junk, slap some green on it and some hippies are sure to buy in.

Although considered a masculine color, it does have a strong appeal to women as well. Symbolizes home and hearth.

Some feel the color is a bit dirty, too. Rust, shit, dirt… it is all brown. It depends on what tone and message you want to use it for, but brown can work for or against you.

Black is the embodiment of sophistication, gives an expensive message. It also lends itself wonderfully as a background color to accentuate other colors, such as: yellow, red and orange.

A very strong base color that pops out of white space. Don’t overuse it as it may send out the wrong message. Dark dankness ussually doesn’t sell unless you are pushing.. i dunno… how to go to hell ebooks. NEW NICHE!

This is the color of harvest, the “feast” color, and it evokes strong emotions regarding holidays, home, eating.

Thanksgiving, turkey, orange juice, and a lotta other good foods are orange. Orange is prominent in Asia alongside red and yellow as a holy color. Bright oranges can catch attention easily. Its like the best parts of red and yellow combined… hmm…

So, learn your colors, split test your ads and landing pages with them, and see some mutha farking profit, yo! I’ve got an experiment with color I’m working on, so when I get it all fired up, I’ll let you know my results.

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