Ask Questions, Get Answers: Part 9324

Posted on March 21st, 2012 By Under Justin Dupre

I haven’t actually done this 9324 times, but I’ve lost track. It’s that time again! You can ask me any questions you’d like about affiliate marketing, productivity, business, Thailand or life in general, and I will take some of my favorite questions and turn them into blog posts right here on JustinDupre.com.

So, shoot! Ask away!

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  1. Raphael says:

    What are some ways to stabilize this business called “Affiliate Marketing” Thingy?

    multiple traffic sources? or working in multiple niches/ verticals? or launching/testing certain amount of campaigns a day?

  2. James Fierce says:

    like what Raphael said above, how do you select which verticals to promote?

  3. John says:

    In media buying on a cpm basis, do you choose one high volume site to test all your ads on, or an array of sites?

  4. Jay says:

    What do you think about all the fraud going on in the industry by networks manipulating pixels and conversion ratio's. It's making life hard for an affiliate to even make an ROI now a days. I'm interested if you had ever went through anything like this.

  5. Mike says:

    What percentages of your revenues come from FB, PPV, PPC, media buys, email blast and from your websites?

  6. Clay says:

    iam new to affiliate marketing and finding it hard to get my tracking set up is there anyone who will set up either prosper202 or cpvlab thanks

  7. Darrell says:

    Hello justin how do you go about lead generation ?is there a way to send leads to a localized company on a commission structure? How do you know the business owner is going to be truthful on the quality of leads sent ? For instance if i was sending leads to a plastic surgeon and out of 100 leads sent lets say 5% converted to a sale how do i accurately track the leads that converted? The business owner could say to me 2% converted to a sale/surgery. Now i know i can capture the data my self by doing a double opt in on a LP. I still would not know what actually converted because i would need to place a tracking code on the form fill of the business owner site which probably would be impossible to do :) . Do you recommend me having the data from the LP and then following up with the list via email? or hire a call center for a follow up for confirmation of the sale and invoice to the business owner based on confirmations ? answer ? :)

  8. thos003 says:

    How would you do a media buy if you were a pest control guy?

  9. Alen says:

    Now that the bulk uploader in FB is gone and there is only Power editor (that is not working properly) which tool do you prefere for managing multiple accounts and campaigns? https://www.facebook.com/marketing?sk=app_2472988

  10. Justin says:

    Is Thailand a safe place for a young white american male to live? Or is it just a safe place in general to live? Ive always wondered this. Ive watched locked up abroad a few times and there are some episodes that show the story of young americans who smuggled drugs in the country and got death sentences, it profiled some of the jails and prisons in thailand and they look SCARY. Ive been to jail in the US and its not fun but that looks plain SCARY. Im just curious what its like to live in a beautiful third world country. I am a young american male and I dream of just moving my family to somewhere like Thailand. Hopefully, with the way things are going I will be able to relocate to Bankok!

  11. @drewallstar says:

    Right now, do you see yourself staying in the East 10 years from now? (Thailand, Australia or elsewhere).
    What indicates when a person should give up on AM and try something else?

  12. Janey J. says:

    Hello, i have a few questions, looking for answers… 1) what is the common metric used to compare offers in the affiliate marketing space? 2) do ad networks work on the same pricing model as affiliate networks? 3) what are the 4-5 top verticals? 4) what are the 3-4 largest affiliate networks?

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