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AffPortal2_Header_LogoI don’t know how I ended up finding AffPortal. I think I was Googling for a search results PPV URL scraper to help me start up some PPV campaigns. I was close to giving up and just hiring a programmer to do it for me until I found the glorious-ness that is AffPortal itself. If you want to get in to PPV (Pay-Per-View) traffic, you’re going to want the toolset they give you. Corey (the owner and a kick ass guy) even made some PPC tools you are gonna wanna take a look at.

I’m just gonna give a big long post about what is included with AffPortal, and why you are gonna want to get your hands on it. I love it, and if you start using it, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it, too! Let’s begin shall we:


You may as well call this one the “Automatic PPV Campaign Builder.” Seriously, it makes creating your initial campaign a snap. And it’s pretty darn good at it to. To use the Smart URL Scraper, all you do is take the offer page you are promoting. Click submit. It will then browse the page for 5 keywords, takes those 5 keywords, and scrapes the top URLs for those targets. You can edit those keywords (add up to 20 per scrape) and scrape up to 50 pages in Google. I’ve run this through several different offers, and most of the time it feeds me 3+ good keywords I can use plus hundreds of very targeted placements that make me good online monies. This tool alone has helped me make thousands of dollars in revenue.

Batch URL Scraper

This is why I joined AffPortal in the first place. This was the first scraper I used, and it works very similarly to the SMART URL Scraper, except it doesn’t find keywords for you. You can use some of the other tools to research keywords, import them in to this scraper, and then scrape away at up to 50 pages of Google.

URL Scraper Filter

Want to leave out scraper results from Facebook, but still get links from Associated Press? You can control what gets scraped up and what doesn’t through this panel.

URL Chopper

The URL Chopper is a pretty damn nice tool. You can take any URL, and it will cut it up differently. For ex. I’ll take facebook.com and see what it shoots out:

  • facebookcom
  • facebook .com
  • httpfacebook.com
  • www.facebook.com
  • ww.facebook.com
  • etc

That is just a small example. What these are good for is when a user mistypes a URL. Your popup will then popup. There isn’t much traffic from these types of errors, but when you do get it, you might convert pretty well if you target things correctly.

Top Million Quantcast & Alexa URL Database

I’ve fallen in love with this tool! All you have to do is enter a keyword. It will then scrape Quantacast and Alexa’s top million sites for any websites related to it. It brings back super targeted results that build me amazing PPV campaigns in literally seconds. You have an acai berry campaign you want to build? Type in Acai, and you’ll get back over 350 results that are all decently trafficked and perfectly targeted to your offer!

PPV Sniper

This is another awesome scraper. Take your 5 best keywords, enter them here, and the scraper will go out and scrape the top 5 results for each keyword from Google and MSN. Great for getting the highest amount of traffic and most relevant targets for your PPV campaigns.

Site Extractor

This is a tool I wish Corey never developed. Why? Because it was meant to be my own secret weapon. I was in the planning stages of having this programmed when I noticed AffPortal just got it. Basically, if you’ve got a domain targeted that you think would do really well, but view costs on that domain are way to high, bidding on all the pages inside that page would seem like a much smarter and cheaper thing to do rather than blow your budget on $0.40 views. Most people just bid on the root domain, but you can hold first position bids on any internal pages, most for only 1 cent per view. Use this scraper to scrape up to 50 pages of Google of internal pages from any website you’d like (up to 20 at one time). A true weapon of PPV.

URL Shrink

Some URLs are just too damn long. Often times you just? want the root domain rather than a long tail internal page. This can take any amount of URLs and shrink them to the root domain for you. If you advertise on MediaTraffic, you’ll know they only use the first 40 characters in any URL. This PPV URL Shrinker is capable of shrinking all URLs to 40 characters so the MediaTraffic servers don’t have to do the work (MediaTraffic’s servers are slowwwww. Many times they stall up if I try to add too many targets to one campaign. I’d assume this PPV tool might help lighten the load a little.)

Social Media URL Scraper

This is a one of a kind PPV scraper that you won’t find anywhere else. Like the other scrapers, you enter your keywords. Then, this scraper will go out and find related URLs on Scribd and Youtube. Scribd shares documents over the web, and YouTube, of course videos. I have yet to delve in to using this tool, but as I write this, I kind of want to test the results of what I could find.

And now for some PPC tools that can also be used in conjunction with the PPV tools and URL scrapers on AffPortal:

Deep and Wide Keywords

This is a really decent keyword tool. You can find deep and wide keywords using a general base keyword. A deep keyword is a keyword that is related to your base keyword almost directly. If I type in “acai” one keyword I get back is “buy acai”. Wide keywords are keywords more indirectly related to your base keyword. “Health” and “juice” are examples taken from “acai.” This tool lets you view average searches and the competion level on each keyword. You can then take these keywords into your PPC campaigns, or there is a button that allows you to directly import them into the URL scraper for a PPV campaign. This is a really great tool as it efficiently works well with the other scrapers available here.

Keyword Mashup Generator

Holy SHiateeeeee. What a crazy tool! This is a keyword tool that can litterally expand 10 keywords into thousands. Take your root keywords, add prefixes, then some suffixes. Mash that all up and you’ve got some long tail keywords. That isn’t all! Mash up states, state abbreviations, cities, more targetted words (included in categories that are already programmed into AffPortal. You just have to see to believe and understand it), and so many more things here it makes my head want to explode. I don’t really know how to explain it, other than if you need a keyword list generated, use the Keyword Mashup Generator on AffPortal.

Adwords Sniper (BETA RELEASE)

Want to build some Google Content Network ads and only target specific placements. It’s a good idea to build campaigns using placements so you can control what websites are seeing your ads. Using the Adwords Sniper, you are able to enter a keyword, and search over 50 pages of results to see which sites use AdSense on their sites. You can then export these results and plug them into your Google campaign to see how they fair. This also scans over paid search results, as well, as even some of those sites use AdSense. This is a great tool for the GCN.

Niche Keyword Database Downloads

Need keywords for your niche? Look no further. This page is full of Excel files you can download and examine for keywords, all seperated into their own niche. There are nearly 250 different files here for your enjoyment. Each list has 1000 keywords. Add them to your PPC or PPV campaigns, or use the PPV scrapers on AffPortal to find targeted placements using the keywords here. This data is invaluable!

Keyword Database

It’s a database… of keywords! Wowwww! Enter your main keyword and press submit. You’ll have a huge list of keywords returned to you. “Acai” returned over 800 results, many of them relevant, but many of? them not as much such as “bupivacaine.” It will add any word or keyphrase that contains the letters “acai” together.

AOL Bootleg Database

“On August 4, 2006, AOL Research, headed by Dr. Abdur Chowdhury, released a compressed text file on one of its websites containing twenty million search keywords for over 650,000 users over a 3-month period, intended for research purposes. AOL pulled the file from public access by the 7th, but not before it had been mirrored and distributed on the Internet.” — Wikipedia

This opens it up to you. Type in your root keyword, and see what people were searching for back when AOL was still being used by more than .01% of the world. It provides an interesting look in to how and what exactly browsers are searching.

Adwords Swipe File

This is a great tool for those of you that don’t know how to write ads yet. Enter in the keyword you want to bid on, and sponsored results will be pulled from Google showing you just how others are writing their ads for that term. I don’t recommend you to copy other writers style, but take note of it and try to improve upon what they are doing.

What else does AffPortal Include?

There are videos that help guide you through the use of all these tools. Scripts that you can install on your own server to help you profit better. Excel spreadsheets to help you take down data. WordPress themes, podcasts, free ebooks, graphics and other downloads that you all gain access to with a subscription to AffPortal. On top of this, you get access to Corey and a forum which provides the best support he can (although he is a one man team… that might change soon though ;-)).

How Many Arms Do I Have To Cut Off To Afford This?

Well, first off how about you just try AffPortal for 7 days at only $4.95. If you don’t like it, cancel your subscription. AffPortal is a little better at canceling subscriptions than your average Acai advertiser. If you don’t cancel your subscription, though, you will only end up having to pay $37.00 a month. If you can’t make at least 37 dollars a month using all the PPV tools and scripts available to you here, you should just quit life. Without these tools, I’d be thousands of dollars poorer and have to develop my own crappy tools that probably couldn’t do half of what these can.

And the great thing about it is that AffPortal is contantly expanding. When I joined, there were probably about half the tools there were now. Corey gets things done fast. If you request it, he’ll burn through that project within a day or two and put it up for you to use. He is a crazy guy and I don’t know how he is letting this away for only $37, but he says he is happy with the price and won’t raise it until he can expand the site a little more. (I would pay upwards of $200 a month for what he’s made available to me…)

So if you want to dive into PPV traffic and need some tools to get the job done, definitely hit up AffPortal and sign up today. There is nothing else near its worth on the market today and I know if you understand PPV, you’ll love these tools.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Affportal is the shit dude. Seriously, the best tools out there by far!

  2. JP says:

    Great blog post, really good.

    Are there any alternatives to PPV Optimizer you know of?


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  5. Jake says:

    Good write-up Justin, I just signed up under your aff link.


  6. JS says:

    Hey Justin…i'm starting to try the Affportal tools…but honestly, yes it finds big list of urls, my only problem is that alot of those urls come with bids in the 0.500$…Wich isn't really cheap for PPV!

    So on a 100url list, i may end up with removing half of these expensive urls. Isn't that not so useful? The other thing i wonder is, isn't PPV about demographics? cause these tools don't go with the demo that for sure. I know your in their affiliate program, so you have to be very positive about it, but seriously, am i missing something about the tool?! If you'd rather not see my comment on here, well at least could you reply to my email…tks!

    Other than that, i find your blog pretty useful! Like you say, that's the shit:P

  7. mike says:

    great tools but dont see any adwords sniper there Justin

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