Affiliate Marketing Quick Tip #9: Don’t Forget Your Comfort!

Posted on May 9th, 2013 By Under Quick Tips

I’ve had a busy past few days because I’ve been looking to increase my comfort in the office. I’ve had a cheaper ($500 cheap?) knockoff ergonomic chair that has served me well for the past couple years, but I’ve been feeling lately that it’s about time to upgrade. After trying some $1000 – 2000 chairs like Ergohumans, Embodys and Aerons, I think I am well set on an Embody (If I can get past the 3 month wait time to get them ordered here in Thailand). A nice chair isn’t the only thing you need to be worried about, though.

Keep your office clean. I tend to linger around my office for longer hours when I’m not surrounded by dirty plates and trash thrown around. I used to be one of those lazy guys, but a) it just isn’t healthy, and b) it made me move around and lose things more often.

Don’t forget a nice desk to pair with that ergonomic chair. Keep your feet squarely on the floor and make sure your thighs are angled ever so slightly up as to not put your full weight on the lip of the chair. This keeps blood flow from your legs a little more clear. Make sure you get up and move around a few minutes every hour or so. Failure to do so can cause serious health risks and even cause death to people who would normally otherwise look relatively healthy. Look up deep vein thrombosis for more info on that!

Also, make sure you are looking up at a very slight angle at your monitor. I’ve seen far too many examples where people are hunched over looking down at their monitor. All those hipsters with their Mac Books at Starbucks aren’t doing their heart or back and neck a favor by using their notebook rather than a proper desktop and monitor solution.

Keeping comfortable keeps me at my PC and leaves me with less stress, able to tackle more problems and build more campaigns than my competitors.

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