Affiliate Marketing Quick Tip #10: 5 Short Tips for PoF Advertising

Posted on May 30th, 2013 By Under Affiliate Marketing, Quick Tips

Let’s take a look at some quick tips and tricks you can use to increase your ROI with Plenty of Fish Ads.

1. Assuming you already have some high CTR images, choose 3 with the highest CTRs and split test them with up to 20 different ad copies. This is a quick and fast way to get an idea of what types of ad copies convert the best for your offers.

2. Take your best converting/highest CTR images and use them on a landing page. I like to use a 3 x 3 grid style image made up of my best images with a dating landing page that can say “These are just some of the girls you can meet blah blah”.

3. Use borders around images. I find a green/bright green color increases CTRs off the bat. Pink can work well, even when targeting guys. Borders should be between 3-10 pixels thick.

4. Questions tend to get higher CTRs for my ads. Having trouble thinking of questions? Write your ads as you normally would, then ask yourself how you could turn that into a question.

5. Don’t use the word free in your advertisements. Offer owners (advertisers) don’t like it, and it generates poor quality leads. You don’t have to say they have to pay for a full dating profile, but just avoid using the word free, especially for dating offers.

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