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Ah, the day in the shoes of an affiliate marketer isn?t always the most exciting, but when you are in Bangkok it can be. I live a dream of many at the fresh age of 20, living in Thailand, a tropical paradise to the millions of foreigners that live here and to many that wish they could. My days are mostly spent in front of the computer, checking stats, creating new ads, and filling in on research. Saturday was a bit more exciting, though, letting me get out of my apartment and explore the city a little. The idea for this post was brought on by Jelf, so I?d like to thank him and say Happy Birthday! He?s 20. Now, to the pics and shit.

Like every other day, I get up at 6 AM. Early for a weekend, but it keeps me on a routine that I need when I have classes in the morning on weekdays. I?ll immediately check my stats to make sure things didn?t go sour overnight. I usually go through some blogs, hit up the #cakes chat on irc, and then I?ll continue to file through my day with a shower, getting dressed and breathing in some of the wonderful Bangkok air outside my balcony.

That?s my view with the ?fresh air.? It?s an interesting area for a pretty nice apartment. In the lower corner, you can see the rickshaw houses. Then there?s the obvious highway (I?ve witnessed some sick crashes there? sadistic?). To the left of the picture is the port. Boats are always honking their goddamn air horns at 3 AM. Distracting and annoying.

That Saturday, I had to go buy some books, and wanted an S-Video cable to hook my computer up to my TV. The best place for all of this is in an area of Bangkok called Siam (The old name for Thailand, actually). Siam is for the hip crowd, surrounded with gigantic shopping malls and hip shops fo? da? cool kids, yo! Fo? shizzle.

Here?s a shot of my apartment. Not bad, considering it is surrounded by hand-fashioned wooden and metal rust houses. It is only 5 minutes from my school, so it isn?t a bad deal for less than 300 dollars a month (with electricity).

I?ll continue my walk until I get to a motorcycle taxi. These guys got skills. Zig-zagging between cars at 30+ mph is fun if you don?t mind the thought that you might die. The motorcycle takes me to the BTS ? the elevated sky train. Check the pic out, yo.

From there, I get out at Siam. I decided to get my books first, since I am an idiot and like to carry heavy ass books everywhere. Chulalongkorn is the most recognized university in Thailand, and it is also the location of one of the biggest deposit of International college textbooks. If it weren?t for them I?d be paying $100 dollars shipping with Amazon (vs. the few dollars it cost me to go to Siam and back home) + the extreme costs of textbooks in America . Text books here are printed in Thailand, so I can get 1000 page text books for less than $30. I ended up finding the 3 books I needed and it all cost around 60 dollars.

Here are some pics of Siam and Chulalongkorn University Bookstore:

I decided it was time to get some games for my sexy new PC, too. The place for that is definitely MBK. The fourth floor of MBK Shopping Complex is jam packed with technology from cell phones, gaming consoles, as well pirated games and movies. The cops say it?s illegal to copy the games in the mall, so they all just run orders from right outside the mall where their copiers are. There have been some crackdowns, but not enough for people to simply stop manufacturing them. This means sexy for me, because I was able to get 200 dollars in games for about 20 bucks.

I still didn?t have my S-Video cable, so I crossed across the road to get to Siam Paragon. Check out the hot traffic here.

Saturday, it isn?t as busy, but it still gets congested in some places. I used to rent an apartment just down the road in the second picture. It had a great location close to Siam. Siam?s got a lot of chicks to pick up! :p

I worked through the mall, Siam Discovery, where I met my friend working as a DJ for one of the more popular radio stations here. His name is P?Big, and he is an actor in a shit load of daytime television shows. I like to tease him because all of the characters he plays are assholes. Haha. He had to get back to work, so I stopped at Dairy Queen to eat breakfast. That was a great Oreo Blizzard.

This would be Siam Paragon. It is one of the more expensive malls featuring all that lash Gucci shit that is overpriced for tourists. It is also one of the only places that require shops to take American Express. I?m drained of fresh cash so I?ve got to use it. I hit up one of the electronic stores here, Power Buy and found my S-Video Cable. I also found some nice Logitech 5.1 surround sound speakers on sale. Uh oh says my American Express. $250 spent.

Overall, it was quite an expensive day for me as I spent nearly 400 dollars in Siam. It was time to head home, and so I did, taking the BTS to a taxi with all the crap I had to my apartment. I checked my stats to make sure I was making enough to pay for the day (which I didn?t, but I still profited). I then got everything set up. In the end, using my TV looked like shit as a monitor, so I?ve got to fix the output resolution as it limits it to a smaller resolution than my 22? Samsung LCD monitor. The speakers are hot as fuck, though. The bass is great at closing my neighbor?s mouths as they are partying at 1 AM. Just take bass speaker and place it against the wall for optimal effects. Anyways, here is a shot of my workspace. My room doesn?t get much larger than this, but it is cozy and clean and within walking distance of my school. Saves me a lot of cash.

I had some personal info in the image that I professionally edited out with my favorite Cakes chat quotes.

I?ll usually spend my evenings as I did that one, dicking around on Facebook ads, researching, chatting, tapping your mother, and watching boobs on the boob-tube. I think I forgot to eat on Saturday, except for that Blizzard and a Coke. I?m a skinny bitch. I hit the sack around midnight.

Yup, a day in the life of me. Are you bored yet? I am. Peace.

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  3. I'd love to come check out Thailand once day. I heard nothing but good stories from my former co-workers who frequented it from Japan. Time to use some of my marketing money for something other than more marketing expenses.

  4. Amy (dothedeerdance says:

    Heya, i've been reading over your blog with the tags "thailand" and i really hope i get to go to thailand. like, really really. Hope you are able to go back to Thailand after the "thing" political thing is over. :)

  5. Joe says:

    Cool post. I'm moving to Bangkok next month.

    What is the internet connection like out there?

  6. dapo says:

    damn, dude, u are SO REAL and original, no fronting or anything like that with you. I hope to learn shitloads from you man

    From one '88 baby to another :)



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