5 Mobile Apps That Help You Get More Stuff Done On the Go

Posted on August 1st, 2012 By Under Mobile

Life is more hustle and bustle than ever. More people are logging on to their smartphones and integrating it into their normal work days, myself included. Having some of these apps allows me to get through major parts of my day without actually being in front of PC. As much as I would loveeee to be in front of my computer 24 hours a day, I can’t physically do it. I mean, come’on! I live in Bangkok so I gotta go out and live it up a bit! These apps make my life a little more easy!


Evernote is a cool app that lets you create notes while on the go. You’ll never know when a new brilliant idea pops up but when it does you will be prepared to list it down with this app. There’s also a desktop version of this app available so everything you list down in your mobile device gets synchronized with your computer as well. You are not limited to note taking since you can also take photos and even record videos and audio. It’s truly a workhorse, for me, when it comes to helping me get ideas and brainstorm while I’m in a taxi stuck in the awful Bangkok rush hour traffic


As a marketer you will often be collaborating with other people on your projects. One way to easily share your files is by using Google Drive. This app allows you to access any uploaded file using your smartphone. While there may be other popular apps that can do this such as Dropbox and Box, the advantage of Google Drive is that you can also view and edit your documents using it.  Need to make changes on your spreadsheet while on the go? Just use Google Drive to do it.


To keep in touch with others Skype is the best app to use. You will be able to make video calls, voice calls and even IM other people with this app. If you load credits to your Skype account then you may even make calls to any phone around the world. This works well if you have a Wi-Fi connection or through an unlimited data plan from your mobile network. I’m usually always on Skype on my PC and mobile so I can connect with people and get information the second it comes in


Almost all Internet marketers have a personal blog that they update regularly. Since WordPress is currently the platform of choice it’s a good idea to get the WordPress app. I sometimes use this to get down post ideas, again, especially when stuck in traffic on the road. It’s quick, free, and simple enough to load up this blog or the others I own and write the frame of a post, if not the whole thing!


When you have different accounts on various social networks it’s difficult to keep track of them. Logging in and out of your multiple Twitter or Facebook accounts for example is a tedious and time consuming process. Good thing there’s Hootsuite to help you manage all your accounts in just one app. With this app installed in your smartphone you will easily be able to make status updates on your various social networks.

So, what apps do you have installed in your smartphone that you use for Internet marketing?

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