5 Affiliate Marketing Niches That Can Make You $1000 A Day

Posted on July 1st, 2012 By Under Affiliate Marketing

As a new affiliate marketer – even sometimes for veterans – one of the biggest questions you’ll have to ask yourself is what niche am I going to go after today. I’ve compiled a short list of some of the top niches I’ve worked on over the past 4-5 years in my history of being an affiliate marketer.


People are always going to be looking for love. According to Statistic Brain, over $1b in revenue is generated from online dating sites per year. That’s a whole lot of people signing up for a whole lot of dating sites. Dating has always and will always be my number one niche because it is easily accessible and believe it or not, you can cut out a giant chunk of the pie if you are creative enough. Dating isn’t always the most glorious niche to work in, but its a consistent one once you can figure out where the money lies.


I’m a born gamer. I can’t tear myself away from testing out this new game, or getting addicted to complex MMOs. This makes gaming offers a natural cashcow for me. Understanding what gamers think and what sells a new game to them is exactly how you make money from them. For my platinum coaching students, I have a well documented sheet of statistics, demographics, key terms and research papers that can help anyone understand just how to break into the gaming niche. That’s how I go into any new niche, basically. Anywho, gaming is great because its got such a grand audience of people it can appeal to through a variety of different outlets. With the expansion of mobile gaming in the past couple years, this is a niche to keep your eyes on.


Online degrees, scholarships, and loans are a huge part of the market for me. This isn’t always the most simple niche as it takes some careful planning, but with the collapse of the economy, the education niche is stronger than ever. People want better degrees to get better jobs, and they need loans and scholarships to pay for their education, so you can hit one user up on multiple levels through a funnel. This niche gets especially strong with long lists. Do your research, understand why certain people are applying for these offers, and half the job is done for you already.

Weight Loss

With Summer rolling in, now is the time to hop on this. People love their beach bodies, and people are willing to pay to get them (if only they were willing to workout to get them!). We all know that a nice body comes from a great diet and exercise, but good for us that most people think taking a berry pill is all they need. Sure, this is a niche that’s been plagued by farticles and flogs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hop on the party bus now. There are ways outside this to make money, including several lead gen offers and legitimate sales offers that anyone with half a brain could figure out how to run.


This goes hand and hand with the above. Double whammy them with a weight loss offer to trim the fat first, then a muscle pill to bulk them up. You’ve also got some great traffic sources to pick from including adult traffic. I’ve even seen these pushed as male enhancement pills. Just part of the creativity some affiliate marketers go through to make a buck. While some of their tactics aren’t the most agreeable, there is no denying that this niche is a strong one that is here to stay. Some of my biggest $5000+ days came from male muscle traffic, so don’t be afraid to jump on board this niche!

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  1. Marisa says:

    Justin, where is payday/cash advance, and auto insurance on your list? Both are recession proof and people are always looking for a better deal on auto insurance!

    • Justin Dupre says:

      They\’re good niches, but they\’re expensive and not as noobie friendly as the ones I\’ve listed. Keywords in both are hella\’ expensive, and the targeting isn\’t in place on most of the beginner traffic sources I recommend to make them viable niches.

  2. tukangmoto says:

    any tips for mobile app download (IOS ) ?

  3. Marisa says:

    Fair enough Justin :) . However, we've seen pubs, especially those willing to build an email list, scale to $1k pretty quickly. But you are definitely correct, you have to get the targeting right.

  4. Still Right says:

    Marisa, no noob is pushing legit volume in Auto Ins within 1 week and you know it! I've been in this exact industry over a decade and if I didn't have SEO and SEM locked up, I'd be done. Email…please. If you're trying to tell a fucking newbie to blow out an offer, do you really think they have an email list that can support 200 leads per day? I think you know that answer.

    The Auto Insurance Industry payouts are at unrealistic lows due to poor quality and rampant fraud. The insurance agents all complained about quality from the major lead aggs (insureme, netquote, etc) and the carriers are holding their ground at lower-than-their-cost-to-acquire-via-PPC payouts and all diluted network offers reflect the state of the industry, including the necessary double dipping (SH & BW pre-pop/thankyou page) that goes into making anything back out. Let me guess, you can offer around $8? HAHAHAHA. Even at $12, you'll get your ass handed to you without big volume (think display/retargeting) or the aforementioned email list.

    Up until 2 years ago I would get really pissed when someone started spouting off about how great Auto Insurance was and how much money they were making. Why? Because it was stupid money, literally. $3,000+/days without even trying that hard on just PPC…no joke. Hell, I even busted FB traffic for $800/day before they decided display traffic was worth Adwords prices. I dare anyone to try that now. The margins aren't there. Carriers bombed the shit out of any real traffic source and left affiliates (if they could still maintain an active account) scrambling to keep a 30% margin…at best.

    So…yeah. Listen to Marisa, your friendly AM. Except, remember to bring a 1m++ email list ;)

    Oh and as a word of advice guys. If you're willing to take any NET 30 offer, you're killing yourself. If a network (or direct advertiser, even better) can't make you whole in WEEKLY NET 4 at worst – move on. May as well chain yourself to CJ and call it a career when you run out of money wishing you could scale.

    Justin, I agree with the 4 of the 5 niches. In fact, I'd agree with all 5 except for the "gaming" crowd is a large consumer of many niches and it's almost unfair to say "let's push games to them"…I'm sure you know that, I just want to point that out.

    Dating is saturated as crap, but the funny thing is, there's still loads of money (especially adult) out there and this should be EVERYBODY'S #1. In fact, I'm gonna make some 300×250's right now and run them on EXO.

  5. Thomas says:

    Man why do you put a screenshot from back in 2010? Thats pathetic! All the internet marketing gurus!!!!! Cant make money so they teach. Back out your claims about these 5000$ days. Its not about 1 day its about repeatable process.

    So you claim its easy to make $1000 per day? How about then place $350 000 screen shot for the whole year?

  6. [...] Many bloggers have addressed the issue of what niches are appropriate to obtain quick results but this is not what we want to discuss here.  This about efficiency with the strategies, especially if like us, you specialize in long-tail marketing where smart, incisive strategies are key. 1 [...]

  7. Rich says:

    Hey Justin,

    Like your suggestion of running muscle offers on adult traffic sources. Any recommendations on adult traffic sources?

  8. Bob Boyd says:

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  9. Lucky Me says:

    Totally agree with all this niche ideas. I think, this is about the human's essentials.
    I would go with Dating first ;)

  10. Clau says:

    Great article!

    Thanks for sharing.

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